Do you set exiting goals 🧿 for yourself?
And I really mean the kind of goals where you can feel the butterflies 🦋both of excitement and that little scary😬 feeling of doing something outside your comfort zone!

The important in not only to have that goal that gets you all fired 🔥up but also to see and work towards it!! If you don’t know whats steps to take, relax, just keep looking👀 at that goal, focus on how are you as a person when you have achieved that goal and start becoming that person.
➡️ Then write 📜 down whatever idea that comes into your mind no matter how out there it is. It is important to listen to you intuition!
How would the world🌎 be if people before us wouldn’t had listened to the 🧠 thoughts that popped into their head because it was “too out there” or “not possible” 🛸?
When you quiet down all the surrounding noise of whats good, bad, normal, not normal ect then you wil be able to listen to your intuition. 💫
And is that intuition that leads 吝 the way to you goal. 🛎

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